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Store Your Data

Moving your data from excel and e-mail boxes to the cloud.

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Manage Your Vendors

Link to all your vendors to analyze and resolve any issues on the ground.

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Simplify Your ATM Installations

Get Realtime Data on everything happening today.

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Trusted Data Specialists Trusted Data Specialists

Storing Data for over 50,000 ATMs

System Features

  • Stikkydata® System Feature Advanced search features allow you to find your asset easily.
  • Stikkydata® System Feature Easily verify that assigned work was completed and view any issues identified in the field.
  • Stikkydata® System Feature Take action on issues as soon as they appear. No more blindsiding.
  • Stikkydata® System Feature Easily filter and sort assets and issues.
  • Stikkydata® System Feature The dashboard allows you to quickly visualize your network and highlight areas of non-compliance.
  • Stikkydata® System Feature Run custom reports and share data easily with colleagues.

A Life Cycle Approach to ATM Management

  • Stikkydata® System Benefits Cloud Based Storage
  • Stikkydata® System Benefits No System integration required. We'll do the work for you.
  • Stikkydata® System Benefits Simply CC us in your project e-mail chain and we'll do the rest.

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